7" Commercial Box Gutter

"7” Commercial Box Gutter on The Med Restaurant - Boulder, Colorado
Colorado Seamless Gutters has recently added a brand new, New Tech Machinery BG7, seamless 7” Commercial Box gutter machine to our product line. This 7” Box gutter is capable of handling drainage and moving water from the largest roof areas and is the ideal choice for most commercial and industrial buildings. Not only will the seamless 7” Box Gutter enhance the appearance of the building, but it will replace the “leaky” sectional gutters that have been the standard high capacity gutter on these applications for years.
New Tech Machinery BG7


  • Seamless sections and no more leaky seams every 10ft
  • Available in many colors. Can match metal roof colors.
  • Gutter can be properly pitched for precise drainage
  • Gutter can accommodate large downspouts for maximum drainage
  • Aesthetically enhances look of building

"7" Gutter Profile



The 7” Box gutter can accommodate 3”x4”, 4”x5” and custom closed and open face downspouts. The 5” wide bottom allows for extra large downspout sizing.


Steel                    22ga – 26ga Steel
Aluminum           .032 - .040
Copper                20oz – 24oz


Click here to view available colors, plus many more to choose from.


We offer expert installation, drop off at jobsite or pickup at our warehouse.